Since its inception in 2004, BioPhorum has become the open and trusted environment where senior leaders of the biopharmaceutical industry come together to openly share and discuss the emerging trends and challenges facing their industry.

Growing from an end-user group in 2008, BioPhorum now comprises over 135 manufacturers and suppliers deploying their top 6000 leaders and subject matter experts to work in nine focused Phorums, articulating the industry’s technology roadmap, defining the supply partner practices of the future, and developing and adopting best practices in drug substance, fill finish, process development and manufacturing IT.

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Recent releases

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Jun 01 2022

Why BioPhorum’s trace element approach will save you time, money and wasted batches

Drug products can be heavily impacted when raw materials cause variability – anecdotal evidence suggests that batches worth millions of dollars are sometimes discarded...
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Jun 01 2022

New value-add tools to complement BioPhorum’s forecast and demand planning toolkit

Since 2016, BioPhorum has improved forecast and demand planning working practices by helping manufacturers and suppliers achieve a more consistent, confident, and...
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Jun 01 2022

Meet the new Supply Partnering & Relationship Management Workstream – do you want to get on board?

The Forecast and Demand Planning Workstream has produced some industry-leading publications, including a Best Practice Guide, a Planning Toolkit, and a Forecast...
biophorum post images line clearance 700 x 3504 320
May 31 2022

Helping you to identify the risks in your line clearance process and do something about them

Product and labeling mix-ups can have serious consequences and are some of the main causes of recalls. As a result, manufacturers must ensure that the correct...
biophorum post images data integrity 700 x 3503 319
May 31 2022

Tackling the five crucial data integrity challenges in QC labs

Data integrity is critical to meet current good manufacturing practices and ensure patient safety. In quality control (QC) labs, data is scrutinized during audits as it...
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May 31 2022

Here’s how BioPhorum’s ‘one voice’ is helping industry save $millions in Colombia

Imagine a situation where post-approval changes took 18–24 months to be reviewed. Think about the impact on biomanufacturers who would need staggered timelines for...

A powerful vehicle for change

BioPhorum facilitators bring leaders together to create future visions, mobilize teams of experts on the opportunities, create partnerships that enable change and provide the quickest route to implementation, so that the industry shares, learns and builds the best solutions together.


Chain reaction: how the biopharmaceutical supply chain survived the pandemic

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Our mission

Bringing leaders together

to create future visions that focus the industry’s energy on the key emerging opportunities

Mobilizing communities

of the top experts around these opportunities, up and down the biopharma value chain

Creating partnerships

that enable change and provide the quickest route to implementation and results

Replacing isolation

with collaboration so that the industry shares, learns and
builds the best solutions together

Work with us

BioPhorum is a global collaboration of industry leaders and subject matter experts working together to pool knowledge, practices, and ideas, which lead to results that effect real change.