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Our mission

To create an environment where the global biopharmaceutical industry can collaborate in order to accelerate their rate of progress, for the benefit of all. We do this by:

Bringing leaders together
to create future visions that focus the industry’s energy on the key emerging opportunities
Mobilizing communities
of the top experts around these opportunities, up and down the biopharma value chain
Creating partnerships
that enable change and provide the quickest route to implementation and results
Replacing isolation

with collaboration so that the industry shares, learns and
builds the best solutions together

What is BioPhorum?

Unique global collaboration
Powerful vehicle for change
Industry leaders and experts working in concert
Delivers results by pooling knowledge, practices and ideas


Industry changing initiatives

Member companies

Active participants

Thriving communities

Voice of the industry

Why BioPhorum?

We make the journey better, faster, cheaper …and results come in many ways

  • more effective compliance
  • better process control
  • lower business and supply chain continuity risk
  • lower waste
  • improved productivity
  • better investment decisions and costs avoided
  • faster approvals
  • faster batch release
  • accelerated improvement and technology adoption
  • faster capacity expansion
  • faster response
  • flexible operations supporting the product pipeline

Recent releases

Forecast and demand planning chalk board
Jan 07 2021

Building an essential toolkit for forecasting and demand planning

Robust and transparent discussions between biomanufacturers and...
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Jan 07 2021

Smarter auditing with BioPhorum’s joint audit program

An inefficiency in our industry is where multiple manufacturers...
biophorum post images russia copy 700 68
Jan 06 2021

A new framework for greater alignment for the Russian Pharmacopeia

Russian authorities are making progress in aligning with...
biophorum post images harvest clarification 700 67
Jan 06 2021

Bringing consistency to vendor testing for harvest clarification solutions

Current manufacturing technologies for cell removal from...
Jan 06 2021

Would you like to influence the future of drug device combination products?

Drug device combination products are an increasingly important part...
biophorum post images 2020 highlights 700x350 63
Dec 12 2020

BioPhorum 2020 highlights

In a year unlike any other, BioPhorum takes a look at its...