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Our mission

To create an environment where the global biopharmaceutical industry can collaborate and accelerate their rate of progress, for the benefit of all. We do this by:
Bringing leaders together
to create future visions that focus the industry’s energy on the key emerging opportunities
Mobilizing communities
of the top experts around these opportunities, up and down the biopharma value chain
Creating partnerships
that enable change and provide the quickest route to implementation and results
Replacing isolation
with collaboration so that the industry shares, learns and
builds the best solutions together

What is BioPhorum?

Unique global collaboration
Powerful vehicle for change
Industry leaders and experts working in concert
Delivers results by pooling knowledge, practices and ideas


Industry changing initiatives

Member companies

Active participants

Thriving communities

Voice of the industry

Why BioPhorum?

We make the journey better, faster, cheaper …and results come in many ways


  • more effective compliance
  • better process control
  • lower business and supply chain continuity risk


  • lower waste
  • improved productivity
  • better investment decisions and costs avoided


  • faster approvals
  • faster batch release
  • accelerated improvement and technology adoption


  • faster capacity expansion
  • faster response
  • flexible operations supporting the product pipeline

Recent releases

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May 28 2020

BioPhorum contributes to the US Congressional drug wastage debate

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May 28 2020

Avoiding the rabbit holes: how to develop successful ILM-RTRT strategies

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May 28 2020

Key updates to Brazilian post-approval change requirements and use of Polysorbate 80 in China

The BioPhorum Post-Approval Strategy Team has been working hard in...
May 21 2020

New disinfectant efficacy approach saves member $1.5m through stronger compliance

Cleaning and disinfection are crucial during the drug manufacturing...
May 21 2020

MedTech considers drug device challenges

Following a positive response to BioPhorum’s proposal for a new...