Posted on: 15th December 2018

2018 highlights


BioPhorum’s mission has always been to make the journey for tackling industry challenges better, faster and cheaper for members. By helping you to work on opportunities that are best solved collectively, BioPhorum continues to add measurable value. As we come to the end of 2018, BioPhorum is in a stronger position than ever to help the industry to effect change.

Some 2018 highlights include:


Deliverables, publications and benchmarks

Members’ efforts, hard work and collaboration have resulted in the publication of a plethora of deliverables including best practice documents, publications and benchmarks including:


You can see the full set of Phorum deliverables on the Phorum pages of our website.


New Phorum

The Cell & Gene Therapy Phorum was launched in 2018. The Phorum already has 14 members, and the team has built a programme that will ensure its long-term sustainability. The Phorum will tackle six pre-competitive, common challenges: high-level analytics, regulatory strategy, commercialization, validation, raw material sourcing and supply, and environmental health and safety. Addressing these challenges aims to help industry avoid developing multiple solutions and accelerate submissions.


Once again, existing members deliver the greatest vote of confidence in the community, renewing memberships at a rate of more than 95%.  Many of those dropping out of the community aim to return when internal programs and priorities allow in the near future.

Excluding the newly formed Cell & Gene Therapy Phorum, BioPhorum has witnessed a net gain of 24 Phorum memberships this year. Increasing size and bringing existing members greater reach, influence and resources to satisfy our collective objectives.



It is no coincidence that business performance goes hand-in-hand with recruiting great people.  BioPhorum ended the year with a team of 49 professionals, all of whom hold a first degree, 60% a Master’s and over a third a PhD.  Combine this with a wealth of industry experience and their thirst to serve and it’s not surprising that you tell us that their facilitation is so valued.


Click here to watch candid interviews with each of the directors talk about their take on the collaboration and what makes it tick.


As the company enters its 11th year, the momentum and success generated by the growing membership bodes well to tackle the challenges that are ever-present across the biopharmaceutical industry.

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