Accelerating industry progress with the new BioPhorum Council

The new BioPhorum Council

Accelerating industry progress with the new BioPhorum Council

BioPhorum is built on a foundation of providing value to members that benefits industry and, ultimately, the patient. Value comes in many forms, from simply sharing experience and knowledge to co-developing industry-changing recommendations and best practices and providing regulators with ‘one voice’ for change.

As well as the benefits of high-quality networking and accelerating your programs through shared thinking, BioPhorum membership can lead to cost efficiencies, increased quality, and acceleration in processes, programs, and build times  – all of which are not as easy to deliver when you are working alone.

“As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a desire from our executive leaders to work more closely together on those high-priority challenges that can help accelerate our industry progress,” said Clare Simpson, BioPhorum’s Client Service Director.

This focus has led to the creation of a new executive offering: the BioPhorum Council.

New BioPhorum Council

The BioPhorum Council is open to all members with participation at the executive sponsor level, e.g., VPs and SVPs who lead central decision-making for global operations for manufacturing, process development, global quality, or technology strategy. For those members in multiple Phorums, it is even more important that you can influence the overall collaboration program to ensure that your organization’s objectives are represented.  

The BioPhorum Council will provide executive sponsors with the ability to collaborate on a shared industry vision and identify associated priorities. This will provide the following practical benefits:

  • Opportunities to quickly discuss emerging challenges at an executive level in a safe, facilitated environment
  • A dedicated executive-level network with face-to-face and virtual networking events
  • The ability to shape and prioritize the collaboration program across BioPhorum
  • Early access to new collaboration activities across BioPhorum
  • Regular reporting tailored for your organization’s progress, value, and benefits of key BioPhorum outputs

Membership of the BioPhorum Council includes complimentary access to our Annual BioPhorum meeting, which is our original executive networking event for champions of the biomanufacturing industry. This event includes site visit opportunities, case studies, trends, hot topic discussions, and an executive networking program.

BioPhorum Council members will have additional opportunities to network and build thought leadership throughout the year in private meetings. These will include both face-to-face and virtual events.

Building and leveraging senior connections to help accelerate the industry vision further through BioPhorum membership is at the heart of the BioPhorum Council’s raison d’etre. Do you want to be involved?

If you would like to know more about the BioPhorum Council, contact  .

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