Posted on: 21st June 2017

Despite substantial literature on the topic, lyo modelling is under-utilized on commercial scale facilities. To help to remedy this situation, the BPOG Lyo team has begun writing a detailed paper that will include best practices and comprehensive advice on how to exploit a lyo model to accelerate process development, transfers and increase capacity. This paper will be published late 2017.

Recently, thought leader Serguei Tchessalov, took the opportunity to champion modelling when he was invited to write a paper on the Team’s work. This introductory paper, which describes the basic concepts and advantages and value of modelling, was published in the March edition of the American Pharmaceutical Review: An Industry Perspective on the Application of Modelling to Lyophilization Process Scale up and Transfer by Serguei Tchessalov, (Pfizer), Dave Latshaw (J&J) and Suresh Nulu (Biogen). Click here for more.

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