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  • Align on
    use cases
  • Use case
    data map
  • Resolve activities
    and sources with
    member IT orgs
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DeliverableAvailable Company BenefitWhen
Industry standard taxonomy / indexing for data sources that supply data for manufacturing. Architecture for solution for adding context to data sources that can’t add in context when data created
Direct benefits is reduction in time for investigations by having contextualized data available.
Indirect benefits by providing contextualized data to other work streams (like MVA, PAT, CPV, etc.) enabling them to implement solutions quicker with less costs.


↓ Cost

↑ Quality

↑ Flexibility

  • Reduce time to assemble data (80% to 10%)

  • increase time to process data (20% to 90%)

Q2 2019

The Big Data to Smart Data team have produced:

  1. A table of important use cases for the improved application of Big Data, and focused in on Continued Process Verification, with the potential ideal state of ‘closed-loop’ process control;
  2. A standard taxonomy (or ‘Data Dictionary’) for contextualising data, with a recommended process for governing contextualisation;
  3. And is designing a systems architecture as the basis for Proof of Concept in 2019.
Table of Important Use Cases
Standard Taxonomy for Context
Slide last updated : 21st January 2019