BioPhorum anti-trust statement

Release : 4.0

It is the clear policy of BioPhorum that BioPhorum and its members will comply with all relevant anti-trust laws in all relevant jurisdictions.

All BioPhorum meetings and activities shall be conducted to strictly abide by all applicable antitrust laws. Meetings attended by BioPhorum members are not to be used to discuss prices, promotions, refusals to deal, boycotts, terms and conditions of sale, market assignments, confidential business plans or other subjects that could restrain competition.

Anti-trust violations may be alleged on the basis of the mere appearance of unlawful activity. For example, discussion of a sensitive topic, such as price, followed by parallel action by those involved or present at the discussion, may be sufficient to infer price-fixing activity and thus lead to investigations by the relevant authorities.

Criminal prosecution by federal or state authorities is a very real possibility for violations of the antitrust laws. Imprisonment, fines or treble damages may ensue.

BioPhorum, its members and guests must conduct themselves in a manner that avoids even the perception or slightest suspicion that antitrust laws are being violated. Whenever uncertainty exists as to the legality of conduct, obtain legal advice. If, during any meeting, you are uncomfortable with or questions arise regarding the direction of a discussion, stop the discussion, excuse yourself and then promptly consult with counsel.

The antitrust laws do not prohibit all meetings and discussions between competitors, especially when the purpose is to strengthen competition and improve the working and efficiency of the marketplace. It is in this spirit that the BioPhorum conducts its meetings and conferences.

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