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Valuable connections with like-minded colleagues.

At BioPhorum, you will connect with thought leaders across the industry, while building relationships and networks with like-minded colleagues from across the world in our digital-first environment.

We trust you to work independently and we strive to offer a vital balance between work and life. We are on hand to offer support with our dedicated safe space sessions and encourage social events that enable you to meet with your peers

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Unique level of flexibility

Our virtual business model offers a unique level of flexibility, and we trust you to build a schedule that works for you and the business. We measure results not in hours but in the outcomes you achieve for our members.


Join a convivial and exciting culture that connects the industry’s brightest minds globally to work together. Our culture is fun, with colleagues really caring about shared responsibility and teamwork – with daily conversation and chat, connected team events and shared learning.

Shared goals

Join an agile team of like-minded and intelligent people who are passionate about industry growth.  Work from home, but not alone. We are enthusiastic about building and maintaining a strong collegial team who work to support one another in realizing shared goals.

Technical support

Our dedicated and outstanding IT team ensure efficient, effective information access and technical support (and the occasional laugh)  And provisions set by our approachable HR team aim to support your employment experience and well-being.

Bio-fluorescent particle counter systems (BFPC)

Building BioPhorum

We are building BioPhorum to accelerate the rate of progress in the biopharmaceutical industry. You will have a chance to work with and act as a strategic advisor to some of the most senior stakeholders from across the industry, creating future visions that focus energy on the topics that matter most. You will build ground-breaking programs and facilitate conversations on innovative industry areas, all while being part of a high-growth, ambitious business.

Unleash the power of AR/VR in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing environment

Collaboration from afar

Being a remote workforce doesn’t stop us from getting to know each other and having fun. Our team is tight knit and agile, and comprised of people who are passionate about industry growth. The talented people who make up BioPhorum come from all over with backgrounds in pharma, project management, coaching and product development. Our diverse team means that there is always someone to bounce ideas off and learn from. Daily conversation and chat, quarterly charity challenges, shared learning and our BioPhorum Boost wellbeing program allow us to get to know each other in more than just a work capacity. And twice a year we meet up for an all-company meeting and social event.

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Choose your own career adventure

We are committed to a culture that enables you to reach your maximum potential. Our employees have a unique combination of strengths and experience, and a passion for collaboration and learning. We support you to build an individual career that meets your interests and aspirations.
Do innovation, engagement and industry advancement excite you? Let’s collaborate.


BioPhorum’s success is powered by collaboration. We enable industry-shifting conversations that effect real change through teamwork, sharing knowledge and solving problems through creative thinking.

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Finding solutions

Construct networks with senior industry stakeholders, acting as a strategic advisor in high-impact sessions. We bring leaders and subject matter experts together to solve problems and find solutions in existing and emerging topics that affect the whole industry.

Focused on creating impact

Our purpose is the reason for everything we do, we are ambitious and focused on impact. We help to make the industry more efficient and effective. We are ambitious, and focused on creating impact and real change. We concentrate on a member-centric model, working with global leaders in life sciences.

Improve lives

Your day-to-day role supports and builds ground-breaking programs and industry innovation, all while being part of a high-growth, ambitious business. You have the very real opportunity to help our members improve lives; your day-to-day job is where the magic happens. Getting everybody together to make our sessions really count ­– and we work with trust across BioPhorum, and value our differences because they make us stronger together.

Multiplying member contributions

Delivering the very best for our members is central to what we do. Everything we do in BioPhorum is facilitated to ensure that objectives are met, and outputs are delivered. Our facilitation enhances and multiplies member contributions and helps leaders and subject matter experts to gain value by face-to-face or virtual networking and the sharing of ideas

Orchestrating rapid improvement

You will be orchestrating the rapid improvement of the life sciences industry. Throughout the year, our members from across the biomanufacturing, biotech and MedTech industries identify challenges, discuss solutions and produce guidance, roadmaps and position papers to support the industry to move forward together faster, more efficiently, and more economically. A problem is solved with the best, brightest people on the same call, talking in a collaborative, open way

A stage of notable growth

We are ambitious. An established brand (of 15 years) you join us at a stage of exciting and notable growth. We are proud of our achievements and excited about our bold visions for the impact we can make and the future of BioPhorum.


Advance the acceleration of industry to ignite positive change.

Our work focuses on a collective objective of creating an environment where the global biopharmaceutical and medical device industry can accelerate its rate of progress – for the benefit of all.

Our culture supports your goals, interests, and ambitions to empower you to learn, develop new skills and engage positively with our community. Through curiosity we progress change on the topics that matter the most.

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Why join BioPhorum

Remote working
Flexible Hours
Financial and health
advantageous rewards and allowances
Career development
Reach your maximum potential
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Our virtual business model offers a unique level of flexibility, and we trust you to build a schedule that works for you and the business.

BioPhorum offer 28 days holiday (including 3 office closure days at Christmas). We are dedicated to being an inclusive employer and we want to make it possible for you to celebrate the holidays that are meaningful to you. All employees can choose to work on a day that is a public holiday and then take another working day as a holiday instead.

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Benefit from these advantageous rewards and allowances for BioPhorum colleagues.

  • Pension scheme (with Salary sacrifice scheme)
  • Simply Health Life Assurance
  • Updated Maternity scheme (return to work coaching)
  • Aviva PMI (with option to add family members)
  • Perkbox –  industry leading employee benefits on an easy-to-use all in one platform
  • 28 days holiday (including 3 office closure days at Christmas)
  • Flexible Bank Holidays
  • Welcome Box and treats for life events (delivered in sustainable packaging)
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You have a commitment from us to you to support your career development. Our new initiative, the BioPhorum Academy supports the upskilling of your capabilities and knowledge.

With BioPhorum Academy, you can benefit from a learning and development framework where you can build your career path.

We are committed to a culture that enables you to reach your maximum potential and will support you to build an individual career that meets your interests and aspirations We empower you to learn new things and to design a career that works for you both personally and professionally

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Remote Working

We measure results not hours and we care about what you have achieved for clients, the team and the industry rather than how you spend your time. Provided that you meet client and team commitments, you are free to work your hours to fit your lifestyle.

BioPhorum offer 25 days paid holiday plus public holidays and the period between Christmas and new year. We are dedicated to being an inclusive employer and we want to make it possible for you to celebrate the holidays that are meaningful to you. All employees can choose to work on a day that is a public holiday and then take another working day as a holiday instead.

Financial health

We auto-enrol all qualifying employees into a pension scheme and you will receive a tax-free home office allowance.

We provide access to over 1,00 perks and discounts via Perkbox

Healthy body and mind

We offer health insurance and healthcare cover as well an employee assistance program and wellness hub.

Our core values

Explore the values that drive BioPhorum to be a leading employer in our sector, and find out a little more about what makes BioPhorum an outstanding place to work.

We act with integrity

  • We strive to do the right thing
  • We are honest with each other
  • We have confidence in each other’s intentions
  • We uphold the values of BioPhorum in all we do

We succeed through collaboration

  • We win together
  • We work with trust across Phorums and functions
  • We take pride in sharing our ideas and implementing suggestions from others
  • We value our differences because they make us stronger together

We take ownership

  • We take personal accountability to deliver on our commitments and serve our member communities
  • We care about our impact on each other, our community and our environment
  • We challenge ourselves and each other to continuously improve
  • We value feedback as a means to help us grow

We are ambitious

  • We are proud of what we have achieved so far and are excited about the future
  • We have a bold vision for the impact we can make
  • We are not afraid of taking calculated risks and learning from mistakes when things don’t go to plan
  • We have a shared passion for learning and growth
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Cell & Gene Therapy

Maximizing the impact of the many advanced therapies under development requires that the industry comes together to improve understanding of how to develop, control and manufacture these life changing therapies.

We connect strategic thinkers in drug development and contract manufacturing organizations with the aim of ensuring harmonization and alignment around issues such as potency assays, phase-appropriate guidance for critical quality attributes, operator safety, regulatory guidelines, and C&GT-specific validation issues, as well as working toward resolving the current challenges to commercializing C&GT products. Discover more and learn about the outputs here.

Development Group

The ever-increasing need to reduce product development lead times and the opportunities to exploit innovative technologies in development are two key industry themes that remain at the forefront of our work. The Phorum successfully connects process development organizations and provides a space where subject matter experts can work on issues such as quality by design and process characterization, cell line technologies, and molecule selection. Read some of the outputs and discover how you could benefit by getting involved.

Drug Substance

Accelerating improvement, exploiting opportunities offered by innovation, and identifying best practice approaches across all aspects of the manufacturing process – these are the essential objectives

Data and digital capabilities are at the core of many of these industry challenges. Work in BioPhorum Drug Substance is informed by BioPhorum Technology Strategy, which has summarized our industry’s market drivers and trends. Capacity, flexibility, sustainability and pace all feature as requirements to succeed in a rapidly changing environment.

Find out more about what our members are currently discussing and learn about some of the successful implementations of our output.

Fill Finish

Quality and demonstrating compliance are two priorities of BioPhorum Fill Finish. Representatives of the world’s top sterile filling operations come together to develop solutions to some of the most intractable technical and regulatory challenges.To address these challenges in drug product aseptic filling (‘fill’) and secondary packaging (‘finish’) operations, our community of industry experts is working relentlessly to continually improve the pharmaceutical quality system (PQS). Together they continue to strive towards developing and implementing safe, predictable, lean, and agile processes in drug product operations. Find out more about the Phorum output here. 

Information Technology

IT and digital advances are crucial in responding to the pharmaceutical industry’s challenges around speed, cost, quality, flexibility, and sustainability. Unlocking and realizing the value in the industry’s IT opportunities is the core mission of the IT Phorum. 

The digital manufacturing facility of the future needs to consider technology advances alongside organizational perspectives while maintaining foundational security requirements. All elements must be considered in the long term to deliver systemic change toward the digital factory vision. Our members collaborate in a format that stimulates and supports industry innovation and implementation. 


BioPhorum Regulatory CMC is affording professionals the opportunity to shape their own collaboration program focused on challenges and opportunities across strategy, science, operations, submissions and compliance. Following a discovery program of work with Heads of Regulatory CMC, in which we identified some key topics of collaboration, we are giving you the opportunity to participate and help us to shape the final collaboration program. This will focus on, filing and review, interactions with Health Authorities, and harmonization. Our mission is not just to discuss, but to deliver applicable outputs and publications that will have an impact – learn more about how you can get involved.

Supply Chain to Patient

The pharmaceutical outbound supply chain was built on a blockbuster model and doesn’t fit the needs of the changing pipeline and new modalities currently being developed. The geopolitical challenges of recent years have shown that the outbound supply chain needs to evolve to become more agile, and resilient, and address a more expectant end-user bying on patient-centricity. Industry collaboration can accelerate improvements and transform performance in a way not possible when working independently. This Phorum is founded on the belief that learning from each other and challenging current thinking to re-imagine the supply chain can reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Supply Partner

BioPhorum SP members want the inbound supply chain for the biomanufacturing industry to be recognized as one of the best-understood and managed global supply chains. They intend to be not only a trusted advisory group but also the engine that drives change for the industry. Working together, we aim to achieve supply chain transformation that provides:

  • an enhanced robustness and resilience
  • accelerated capability and capacity to effect technology adoption
  • reduced cost of quality, and
  • industry-wide alignment on operational implementation

There’s an extensive list of Phorum successes and tangible benefits that have been delivered to define industry best practise.


The BioPhorum Sustainability program is jointly designed, governed, and delivered by a membership drawn from licence holders, contract manufacturers, major suppliers and niche suppliers. This dynamic partnership means that we can quickly focus on the areas that have the greatest industry impact, and we can leverage learning from each other and other sectors – the chemical industry and the built environment for example.

BioPhorum’s unique ability to build a strong coalition for change for an entire industry is now being applied to the greatest challenge of our generation. Driven by evident industry needs, Phorum members are working to develop agreed industry benchmarks, establish the ROI of sustainability investments and to increase the efficacy of implementation of members’ sustainability strategies.

Technology Strategy

With a mission to define strategies to accelerate technology transformation and support the adoption of innovative technologies, BioPhorum Technology Strategy evolved from BioPhorum Technology Roadmapping, strives to realize the technology roadmap vision 2.0.

This is being achieved through a multi-stakeholder team of member companies with collective capability and influence who are committed to driving forth industry goals associated with: Speed to market, Quality, Value, Agility and On-Demand Supply and Sustainability.

Best practices for demonstrating comparability for clinical cell-based therapies.

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Why 100% visual inspection does not mean 100% defect detection

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How to bridge the data integration gap between sponsors and contract organizations

Bringing BioPhorum’s unique perspective to continuous manufacturing in biologics

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Supply Chain to Patient has launched!

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Electronic data exchange – the foundation for an efficient, resilient inbound supply chain

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How are you improving your environmental sustainability performance?

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Adding value for analytical instrument partners

Analytical instrument vendors have been integral to developing and publishing our technology roadmaps and developing product... read more

Introducing MediPhorum

The medical technology (MedTech) industry is a critical and complex sector. As highlighted during the Covid-19 pandemic, the MedTech industry provides a wide array of products and technologies that are vital to the safe and effective provision of care to many. Also, as seen over recent years, there is often the requirement for flexibility in supply, rapid development, and the introduction of new products to keep pace with global public health demands.

Advanced Wound Care and Wound Management

Advanced wound care (AWC) is the medical treatment for wounds that have not healed properly using conventional wound care products such as gauze, bandages, plasters, and wadding.

AWC involves treating chronic or complex wounds using products that are not as easily obtained over the counter. AWC can be divided into three main categories: wound healing, infection prevention, and restoration.

Drug Delivery

Drug delivery products are therapeutic and diagnostic products combining drugs, devices, and/or biological products, which enable safer and more efficient treatment due to careful and precise drug targeting, local administration, and tailored treatment.

Introducing the new MediPhorum

MediPhorum by BioPhorum has been launched to bring together senior business leaders and subject matter experts across multiple MedTech... read more

Introducing the new MediPhorum

MediPhorum by BioPhorum has been launched to bring together senior business leaders and subject matter experts across multiple MedTech... read more

Introducing the new MediPhorum

MediPhorum by BioPhorum has been launched to bring together senior business leaders and subject matter experts across multiple MedTech... read more
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