BioPhorum celebrates its 200th membership

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Founded in 2008 with one Phorum, Drug Substance, the BioPhorum collaboration has focused on bringing leaders and SMEs together, mobilizing communities, creating partnerships and replacing isolation with collaboration.

Now, BioPhorum is proud to announce Takeda as the 200th membership across its seven Phorums that represent the thriving communities of over 3,400 active participants. In joining BioPhorum Cell & Gene Therapy, Takeda brings with it more opportunities to gather knowledge for the benefit of all.

Thank you to all our members whose on-going trust and commitment has generated such growth; growth that in just over ten years reflects the success of these communities, demonstrating that acting as one industry voice and pooling knowledge, practices and ideas is a powerful vehicle for change.

“BioPhorum is very valuable to the industry, particularly because of its dynamic nature,” said Daniel Baskind, Manager Scientific and Technical Affairs at Thermo Fisher.

With more than 150 documents published, member companies continue to realize the value that can be generated from publications, guidelines and best practices that the workstreams have created. When people contribute to solutions in this way, they help to lay the foundation for a more efficient, cost-effective and higher-value industry of the future.

“Without this collaborative work, we would not be able to generate the expected benefits by ourselves. We simply wouldn’t have the same power of persuasion,” added Michael Justesen, IT & Automation Strategy Specialist at Novo Nordisk.

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