BioPhorum Council

A unique collaboration opportunity aimed at senior executives in the biopharmaceutical industry.

BioPhorum Council is a unique collaboration opportunity aimed at senior executives in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Participants will be decision makers in their organization, leading global operations in manufacturing, development, quality or technology strategy.

Member organizations will include blue-chip pharmaceutical companies, primary tier vendors and first adoptors in biomanufacturing strategies.

Membership is open to anyone in the biopharmaceutical industry, and is priced depending on how many phorum memberships you hold.

A unique opportunity in the industry to interact and network with your senior executive peer group

BioPhorum Council Infographic

The BioPhorum face–to–face networking with industry peers

  • Our original invitation-only, annual executive level event
  • Includes networking opportunities, site tours and workshops on key topics with industry thought leaders
  • Membership includes two seats

Fast response, executive meetings on industry challenges

  • Connect to peers around emerging topics quickly in a safe, facilitated environment
  • Influence industry direction and your own organization strategies

Dedicated support to identify how to bring value into your organization

  • Single point of contact to support you and your leadership team in leveraging your membership to deliver maximum value
  • Simple, curated information on the impact of BioPhorum’s collaboration for your organization

Shape BioPhorum collaboration priorities

  • Opportunities to influence the program through regular touchpoints with the BioPhorum team
  • Network with executive leaders to reach consensus on the most important industry challenges
  • Early access to new BioPhorum collaboration opportunities

BioPhorum Council will give executive sponsors an opportunity to work together on top level vision and identification of priorities

Identification of priorities

What will BioPhorum bring?

Professional facilitation to enable private, safe and industry-compliant roundtable discussions
Support for your leadership team on translating BioPhorum outputs into tangible value for your organization
Connectivity across the BioPhorum community and the operational Phorums
A 1:1 relationship with a BioPhorum partner who understands the needs of your organization, and can connect you to peers, experts and collaboration opportunities that will help the most
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