BioPhorum deliverables report November 2021 to November 2022

New industry guidance and tools to transform your operations

Throughout the year, our members from across the biomanufacturing, biotech and medtech industries identify challenges, discuss solutions and produce guidance, roadmaps and position papers to support the industry to move forward together faster, more efficiently, and more economically.

BioPhorum membership puts you and your teams at the center of current debates alongside those moving the performance dial on challenges that require one industry voice to resolve.

The BioPhorum Deliverables Report is a consolidation of the benchmarks, position papers, guidance documents, assessment tools, industry user requirements, study results, and roadmaps produced in the last twelve months, including both those published in the public domain and those reserved as ‘members-only’ materials.

The Report provides commentary on the trends seen in the industry, key priorities and significant progress made against workstream milestones and missions. It also includes priorities that require one collective focus to evaluate shared challenges and develop a united solution for industry adoption. These include sustainability of processes and materials, the successful implementation of ILM/RTR and effective raw materials management.

BioPhorum enables you to benefit today from the publications that can be adopted for a more successful future. Membership allows you to learn from the subject matter experts immersed in the development of those practices many months before publication.

We hope that you find this report informative, engaging and inspiring and look forward to hearing from you.


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