Trends, challenges and priorities

The (bio)pharmaceutical outbound supply chain was built on a blockbuster model and thus doesn’t fit the needs of the changing pipeline and new modalities currently being developed. Furthermore, the geopolitical challenges of the past few years have shown that the outbound supply chain needs to evolve to become more agile/resilient and also address a more expectant end user by providing a greater focus on patient-centricity (i.e., direct to patient, digitalization).

The vendor landscape also isn’t moving fast enough to accommodate the changing face of the industry and with no clear regulatory framework for moving product between sites and/or countries and with current regulatory requirements not harmonized, there are numerous key challenges the industry needs to tackle. As such, a core part of BioPhorum Supply Chain to Patient  will be to collaboratively design the outbound supply chain of the future. This will be supported by work in several other areas that the industry has agreed need to be addressed, namely (i) embedding sustainable approaches both now and within the supply chain of the future, (ii) defining best practice for the cell and gene therapy (CGT) supply chain and (iii) considering how data management and transparency can be improved.


Supply Chain to Patient 2022
  • Introducing Supply Chain to Patient. In this podcast, Phorum Director, Lesley Holt talks about freight capacity and increased costs, the complexity of supply chains for cell and gene therapy and direct to patient, and the benefits of collaboration on influencing regulations.
  • Embedding Sustainability. In this podcast, Lesley talks about the needs and considerations of a sustainable outbound supply chain.
  • Data Management and Transparency. In this podcast, Lesley talks about data management and transparency, and the challenges this presents that affect biopharmaceutical logistics.
  • Bristol Myers Squibb Perspective. In this podcast, BioPhorum talks to Brian and Brent from BMS about the future of collaboration across biopharmaceutical supply chains. How can the biopharmaceutical industry move away from highly manual information exchange?


On 15 and 16 November the official phorum launch meeting will take place where the current team will reflect on data collected from a recent SCtP survey on resource constraints within the industry. The group will evaluate how best to address these issues now and for the future and consider if/how they apply to the proposed program of work. If you or someone in your organisation would like to find out more, please contact Lesley Holt (, the SCtP Phorum Director.

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