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BioPhorum members have given us a clear message; to be an industry that supports sustainability is extremely important to them. With no other single organization providing ‘one voice’ for the industry, discussions have been gathering pace to launch a dedicated sustainability phorum. This will become the prime vehicle to translate high-level corporate statements and commitments into practical, on-the-ground, scalable and transferable solutions.

BioPhorum Sustainaibility’s mission is to lead innovation by creating a collaborative team with the collective capability and credibility to make change happen. Its ambition is to enable individual members and the biopharmaceutical industry to take the most appropriate and effective action to implement the changes required to deliver a sustainable future.

BioPhorum held SUSTAIN01 in March 2021, which bought together 48 member representatives from 30 companies to explore opportunities to collaborate. A list of improvement areas was identified, and the question was asked, “What are the critical sustainability issues impacting your company?” With CO2 footprint, plastic waste management, energy efficiencies, greener chemical alternatives and water usage being just some of the many issues discussed these five areas can now be developed into high-impact workstreams.

The phorum will develop a sustainability roadmap for the industry and benefit from collaborating with other sustainability agencies. With more companies joining since SUSTAIN01, the phorum will benefit from full-time, dedicated resources to address industry issues and host  virtual and face-to-face events, the first of these being SUSTAIN02 on  6-7 October 2021. One outcome of the meeting will be to define the work program and constitution ready to launch the fully established BioPhorum Sustainability on 1 November 2021. Would you like to help develop the phorum program, work towards increased ROI on sustainability investments and increase the rate of implementation of its sustainability strategies whilst meeting defined commitments? Or help create an agreed industry benchmark, identify simple tools, and share best practices among all member companies to move more rapidly towards a sustainable industry? If you would like to be involved in the start of this exciting new venture, please contact Nick Ward on

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