BioPhorum minutes & communication

Version : 1.2


The BioPhorum facilitator(s) will capture the key discussions, proposals and decisions in an Event Report. This report will act as the Minutes of the meeting and will

  • detail the objectives, attendees and agenda
  • include hyperlinks to all the materials shared in the event and an executive summary. All materials shared via hyperlinks will be in pdfs to lock down the contents in their presented form.
  • Contain photos of the presenters and the team to help participants put names to faces after the event. If you do not want to be photographed please let the facilitator know.

Our aim is to circulate the Event Report in draft form within six working days of the meeting, to all the participants.  A final draft will then be made available to all other workstream reps and Phorum Leaders (L2s).

Circulation to guests will be at the discretion of the facilitator(s) and team.

Photos of presentations must only be taken with the express agreement of their author.


Often discussions in meetings are exploratory and involve testing ideas, solutions and approaches.

We ask that all representatives in the meeting and dialling in respect the unformed state of discussions and agree not to comment on the discussions publicly on social media or report on the discussions on open public channels, during the meeting and until the final draft of the Event Report has been circulated and any messaging and communications strategy of the team has been agreed.

This is not a bar to representatives communicating about the meeting with peers, colleagues and stakeholders in their own organisation, this is very much encouraged

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