BioPhorum recognized with Customer Innovation Award

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Customer achievement award winner 2021

BioPhorum is delighted to be recognized with TSG’s Customer Innovation Award for innovative use of technology.

BioPhorum partnered with TSG early in 2020 to deliver the company’s Platform One initiative: to integrate operations, bring together new member onboarding with management of workstreams and, ultimately, provide a fully integrated collaborative platform.

The project brings together a range of tools in the Microsoft suite – Dynamics, Microsoft 365, Teams, Azure Active Directory and SharePoint – to provide a fully integrated platform. Using the new platform, BioPhorum facilitators can manage team lists and meetings easily, enabling them to focus on the content of their projects rather than the admin.

TSG COO, Rory McKeand, said “BioPhorum showed a will to innovate in its use of emerging Microsoft technology on a platform scale. Replacing all communication, productivity and customer processes through Dynamics and Microsoft 365. This wholesale move, and in particular the research and development on linking Microsoft Teams to CRM to produce a cutting-edge collaboration platform, showed real innovation worthy of recognition.”

The project has already delivered a number of new capabilities supported by the newly deployed Microsoft tools. The final wave of capability for Phase 1 will deliver the new members’ collaboration web service, built on SharePoint, to enable easy, real-time collaborative document editing. Access to the new service will be controlled by managing team lists in Dynamics. Dan Spacie, BioPhorum CEO said “One of the reasons we chose to partner with TSG is its broad scope of skills across the Microsoft suite. Accessing these skills has been essential to our ability to use the broad range of capabilities within the Microsoft world. After just a few months, these tools are already deeply embedded in our operations and we look forward to using them to deliver our mission of collaboration in the biopharmaceutical industry.”

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