BioPhorum’s 2020 Deliverables Report – 100+ documents and counting

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BioPhorum has always been about bringing leaders together, mobilizing communities and creating partnerships to build a powerful vehicle for change. Core to this has been a publication strategy to deliver a library of best practice materials.

By bringing members together through our collaborative Phorums, we have now reached a significant milestone – more than 100 industry best practice documents and tools are now available on our website.

To give you a snapshot of the productivity of each Phorum over the last 12 months, we have published a Deliverables Report of the documents produced by each Phorum, which are either available in the public domain or reserved as members-only materials. These include benchmarks, position papers, guidance documents, assessment tools, industry user requirements, study results and roadmaps.

The report also gives an insight into Phorum plans for 2021 and beyond and discusses the trends seen in their sectors, key industry challenges and priorities, and any significant progress made against workstream milestones and missions.

“As valued members in our collaboration, you can benefit today from the publications of tomorrow,” said Dan Spacie, BioPhorum’s Chief Executive Officer. “This is because your subject-matter experts are immersed in the development of practices many months before they see the light of publication.”

The report shows how involvement in the Phorums and workstreams can help your subject-matter experts make smarter and faster decisions in their operations and help your company reduce risks, strengthen business continuity and make operational savings across your networks. Involvement can also improve compliance levels and provide faster delivery of therapies to market than would have been achieved if companies work in isolation.

If 2020 was not successful enough, we are now accelerating our productivity and forecasting the publication of another 100 best practices and guides in 2021, doubling our already significant output. The Deliverables Report and plans for the future show that BioPhorum is a great place to connect, collaborate and accelerate your progress.

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