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BioPhorum Deliverables report

BioPhorum brings you the latest Deliverables Report, an informative and inspiring consolidation of the benchmarks, position papers, guidance documents, assessment tools, industry user requirements, study results, and roadmaps produced in the last twelve months.

Throughout the year, our members from across the biomanufacturing, biotech, and medtech industries identify challenges, discuss solutions and produce the guidance, roadmaps, and position papers that are included in the report.

The Report covers both those published in the public domain and those reserved as ‘members-only’ materials.

At the time of writing, BioPhorum has published 135 downloadable reports on its website during 2022, of which 45 were just for members. These are the output from the significant effort that BioPhorum and its members have invested in bringing leaders together, mobilizing communities and creating partnerships to build a powerful vehicle for change.

There is a section for each Phorum – Cell & Gene Therapy, Development Group, Drug Substance, Fill Finish, Information Technology, MedTech, Supply Partner, Supply Chain to Patient, Sustainability, Technology Roadmapping, and Regulatory – and the output from each is grouped into:

  • trends, challenges and priorities – this section is like a brief ‘executive summary’ for that part of the industry
  • deliverables – these can be separated by workstream, sorted by date and filtered by Benchmarking, Conference, Feedback to agency, Webinars, Podcasts, and Publications
  • milestones – this section discusses the progress made against workstream milestones and missions.

Bringing all this content together into one place creates a significant body of knowledge that will help you make better decisions, faster.

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