BioPhorum’s Plugfest showcases its plug-and-play momentum

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BioPhorum’s recent three-day Plugfest event performed a series of tests designed to help its Plug and Play Workstream build towards proof-of-concept testing and the commercial launch of plug and play capability. 

Bill Lydon – author, analyst and consultant for the automation and controls industry – wrote an observer report for about the event. He discussed BioPhorum’s plug-and-play vision, the innovative use of remote connections to test systems and how “the BioPhorum Module Type Package work is a great example of an open architecture use case centered on pharmaceutical and biotech production”. 

He also said that BioPhorum’s progress had exceeded his expectations. “I was impressed with the progress and success of the remote testing approach required by the realities of the pandemic,” said Lydon. “This approach for the early stages of Plugfests for other industrial technologies has a great deal of merit to save time and money.” 

Lydon supported BioPhorum’s use of dedicated professional facilitators and said this was an “innovative approach to achieve goals and outcomes”. He added, “When I observed the three different days of the Plugfest, I was also impressed by the process and BioPhorum facilitator Julian Goy’s skills and experience.” 

With the next step of simultaneous face-to-face meetings in the US and Europe, the Plugfest showcases how far BioPhorum has traveled on its plug- and- play path and how a dedicated and hard-working group is collaborating to ‘get the job done’. 

Lydon’s full event report can be found here

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