Posted on: 28th March 2018

Following our preview in the December newsletter, the Development Group’s CMC Considerations for Expedited Development Point Share recently presented a poster at the CASSS WCBP meeting in Washington, USA on 30 January to 1 February 2018.

The poster summarizes this industry group’s collective thoughts on opportunities and challenges of CMC development under accelerated registration pathways – with a focus on breakthrough therapy designation.

The poster was very well received and stood-out through the clear approach which was presented of the combined knowledge of 15 companies. Encouraged by the feedback received which included comments from the audience: “great to have the information in one place,” “do we have case studies, the strategies are very ‘do-able?” and “could we produce a white paper which could be used as an industry reference?”

Those presenting said that it attracted many inquires for the topic but also interest in BPOG, there was a tremendous interest in both the poster and for the white paper.

The team is now gathering further information from member companies on the regulatory feedback and scientific justification and rationale used to justify risks taken and is considering preparing a white paper.
You can access the poster here:

Download “CMC Workflows Poster” WCBP-Jan2018-PosterFinalapprovedforPresentation-2-1.pdf – 183 KB

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