Posted on: 19th December 2016

Since this time last year all seven workstreams have had valuable change missions and 2016 has largely been about teams exploring what is possible and identifying the basis for harmonized best practices. As a result, they are now targeting the publication of many guidance documents and other supporting opinion pieces in 2017, creating opportunities for members to implement changes and take benefits.

Company leaders recognize they are set to complete eight guidance documents in 2017 covering; industry positions on environmental monitoring, rapid micro, standards for elastomer stoppers and visual inspection risk assessment tools. This is a direct result of the progress the workstreams are making within the Phorum.

These documents will drive an unprecedented level of technical review activity in member companies starting in the second quarter. At the last Fill Finish meeting in Orlando, Florida, USA  it was agreed that these reviews are the perfect opportunity to consider and plan how each network will approach adoption and implementation.

With this rich seam of outputs coming through, the leaders are acting to strengthen the program management behaviors in the Phorum. As a result, workstream status updates are being added to the leadership telecoms and F2F meetings whenever we meet and a number of L2s have agreed to champion each workstream inside the collaboration to ensure the papers stay on deadline and that we have good, coordinated adoption plans across the industry.

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