Case study

Maturity framework for sales and operations planning (S&OP) in Cytiva

The context

Cytiva operates globally with regions of different maturity levels. This maturity is also true for products: within Cytiva, high sales and market share exist in a stable market, but so do start-ups where Cytiva has invested in new technologies.  These areas have to move to become a profitable and growing business.


The story

Products were not operating in the same way; missing long-term alignment between stakeholders in the S&OP ecosystem. This created silo work and challenges for S&OP to provide value add input to the supply and demand side. The BioPhorum maturity assessment tool was adjusted for Cytiva to align all stakeholders (Plant, PMs, Commercial Finance, Regions, Sales) on common objectives with S&OP and to assess against the three pillars within the maturity framework.

The outcomes

The BioPhorum maturity assessment tool provided the right data to move the conversations from emotional feedback about S&OP performance to data driven outcome discussions. Common objectives and projects were identified to increase efficiency internally and externally. Where the maturity framework has been piloted it has been proven to drive proper discussions on what is working/not working. Increased alignment has been the outcome.

Lessons learned

Teams are stronger if they work together and break the silos. This framework supported data-driven discussions and removed emotional aspects. The maturity framework also helped to align teams against common objectives and to force the dialogues to grow together as one team.