Case study

Supply chain improvement utilizing the maturity assessment process

The context

Christian Menzel, Director MSAT comments, “We surveyed our global network of manufacturing sites at leadership team level. The aim was to achieve a step change in the performance of our inbound supply chain, based on data driven processes and decision making. The maturity assessment tool, developed by the BioPhorum team, gave us the confidence that we could develop a baseline of current state and identify the key places to focus effort to improve.”


The story

The Technical Function, led by Christian, was asked to improve the performance of the inbound supply chain. As a mechanism to provide “facts and data” on issues, they utilized the BioPhorum Maturity Assessment guide. This was used as a survey within sites to identify potential areas of improvement. The survey was used globally to promote shared learning and improvement.

The outcomes

Precise improvement KPIs are being developed, however in certain key areas such as supply level agreement and business review processes there have been marked improvements. Focus on improved management of the sourcing from the primary supplier and reduction in tactical “second sourcing”, as a default to resolution of supplier issues, has also occurred. There is improvement in the dialogue within the customer relationship that is based on supply performance “facts and data” to maintain/improve performance.

Lessons learned

Companies must base their discussions with suppliers on data. The BioPhorum Maturity assessment tool can be used during a supplier/customer business review discussion to improve business performance using structured methodology.