Cell & Gene Therapy



The BioPhorum Cell and Gene Therapy (BPCGT) was launched in 2018. The BPCGT brings the benefits of our approach to tackle six pre-competitive common interest challenges which have been identified as: high-level analytics, regulatory strategy, commercialization, validation, raw material sourcing and supply, and environmental health and safety. Addressing these challenges now will avoid multiple industry solutions.

The business of cell and gene therapy is as diverse as the patients which it serves and for that there is no one size fits all solution.

BioPhorum is in the process of welcoming the different member companies subject matter experts and sponsors to the Phorum to allow project activities to commence in September



Member experiences

The Benefits. Explained

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Making change happen

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The benefits of BPOG.

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Evolving and improving

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Benefits of Ask BPOG

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Be part of the BPOG community

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The value of BPOG

Over the last few years, our phorums have become the place of choice for many companies in the biopharma industry to CONNECT and make benchmarking live and interactive.

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