Technology Roadmapping




The Technology Roadmapping Phorum establishes a dynamic and evolving collaborative technology management process to accelerate innovation, by engaging and aligning industry stakeholders to define future needs, difficult challenges and potential solutions. The Phorum involves biomanufacturers, supply partners, academia, regional innovation hubs and agencies, serving to communicate the roadmap broadly while monitoring industry progress


The benefits of membership to the Technology Roadmapping Phorum include:

  • Building a close technical partnership between industry stakeholders which feeds into member company technology strategies
  • Improvement in the risk-reward profile for new technology development
  • Faster adoption of new technologies.


Specific examples of these benefits include:


Membership of the Technology Roadmapping Phorum includes:

  • BioPharma manufacturers, CMOs and Supply Partner R&D organizations
  • Academia, regional innovation hubs and agencies invited into key interactions as guests.


 Introductory video:


An assessment of the business impact of different technology options upon the various biomanufacturing scenarios has made possible through modeling and the results are available in the appendix of this Overview section.


Biopharm Services have created a Manufacturing Technology Roadmap Tool that models the biopharmaceutical manufacturing scenarios, enabling our teams to estimate the value of a new technology, a process that would otherwise be difficult to predict. Biopharm Services have kindly made the tool available Click here to access this tool.



Download “Technology Roadmapping 2018 Deliverables” 2018-Deliverables-TRM.pdf – 1,011 KB