Covid-19 – Face-to-face meetings being converted to virtual events

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Covid-19 Workers

Covid-19 – Face-to-face meetings being converted to virtual events

As Covid-19 spreads to new countries and its impact on economic activity starts to mount we want to confirm that BioPhorum’s collaboration model will remain largely unaffected.  With teams meeting virtually every two to four weeks, supported by home-based facilitators, we expect progress against our 80+ missions to continue as normal in the coming weeks and months.

However, the face-to-face meeting program is changing. In recent days, we have seen meeting attendance cancellations grow and an acceleration of travel restrictions across the industry. So, to create certainty for member companies, we are replacing the majority of face-to-face meetings with fully facilitated virtual events via telecoms and the web, and, where appropriate, we will shift hotel and venue arrangements to the second half of the year. The length of these virtual events and the degree to which they cover the original face-to-face agenda will differ for each meeting. Facilitators have been working on this contingency for some time and will be issuing revised agendas and dial-in details over the next few days.

As we go to press, we expect CGT05 to continue as planned as a face-to-face event, as it is based in the US with local delegates.

Meetings in June and July will be continually reviewed.

PhorumMeetingLocationDatesThe Plan
CGTCGT05Philadelphia, PA10-12 MarContinuing as a F2F meeting
FFPC05Barcelona, Spain10-12 MarVirtual and move venue to Q3
DGBPDG28Cambridge, MA17-19 MarVirtual
DSCS07Cork, Irl24-26 MarVirtual
FFFF22Limerick, Irl24-26 MarVirtual, and move venue to Q3
DSILM/RTRBoston, MA31-2 AprVirtual
DSCB01Washington DC31-2 AprVirtual
DSMC04La Jolla, CA7-9 AprVirtual
FFROB01Berlin, Germany21-22 AprVirtual, and move venue to Q3
DSBPOG35Darlington, UK21-23 AprVirtual
TRTR11Darlington, UK21-23 AprVirtual
DSHUP11Edinburgh, UK28-30 AprVirtual
FFPAK02Essen, Germany13-15 MayVirtual and TBC venue to Q3
BioPhorumTokyo, Japan12-14 MayPostponed to 15-17 September
SPJAP05Marlborough, MA19-21 MayVirtual

If you would like any further or more detailed information please contact either the relevant Phorum Lead or Facilitator concerning specific meetings.


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