Posted on: 30th October 2017

ASK BPOG is your online member-only Q&A facility which helps you and your reps to rapidly benchmark your practices against the rest of the industry, and answer burning questions quickly. Almost 2,000 questions have been submitted to date through ASK BPOG, generating more than 8,500 responses. Subjects covered the whole range of operational and development topics and you can search them all in iMeet Central – just get into iMeet and go to the search bar.

BPOG provides help to navigate you through the database and direct you to the best practitioners in the community to gain answers to your questions. You can also be advised how to frame questions to gain the exact information that you are seeking.

If you have an iMeet Central account and you want to learn how to explore the archive of benchmarks or post a question to the community click here to watch the video which explains how.  If your company are members but you are an active participant then contact your company leader if you want to post a question.  And finally if your company is not yet a member of BPOG then contact us to understand how your organization can join the community.

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  1. Z. L. says:

    Has anyone had experience with investigating increased CHO host cell protein level? For one of our biologics manufacturing processes, which we have been running for years, we have been having higher (1.5X – 2X) HCP for the product pool of the first column step, Protein A, since June. There is no sign of trending down at this point. Fortunately our subsequent purification steps have been able to clear the HCP and therefore our drug substance is fine, but we want to understand why Protein A pool HCP is so much higher than before. We have looked at changes in upstream and downstream, but have not been able to identify any strong correlation with the HCP increase. Any thoughts?

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