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Biomanufacturers are in a unique and difficult position as they need highly specific critical raw materials, in comparatively small quantities, for life-saving therapies.

However, there is no industry consensus on a strategic view of how the supply chain and demand will evolve in the next five years or more. This poses a significant risk to patients and healthcare providers, e.g., through drug shortages and price increases.

Suppliers and biopharmaceutical manufacturers need to work together more closely to ensure the security of supply of the raw materials and the finished product. Also, special measures should be taken at some points in the value chain to ensure long-term supply, override competitive pressures, and better serve patients.

To start a strategic discussion on this situation, we have published a summary of the industry position in Long-range planning – the final frontier, the audacious goal.

The Long-Range Planning Workstream is also defining some deliverables that will focus on an approach that biomanufacturers and suppliers can own. Post-COVID, supplier/biomanufacturer relationship management has evolved, so we will look more closely at what existing data tell us, i.e., data vs. intelligence.

One of our key aims is to help ensure we have a common language and understanding across the industry. We will emphasize shared learning, best practices, and retrospective investigations to improve long-range planning processes.

To do all of this, we are expanding our team to include those with knowledge of long-range planning processes. Are you involved in strategic network planning, strategic development (supply and demand), supply chain strategic planning, sourcing or procurement? Then the Long-Range Planning Workstream could be for you.

If you want to share your knowledge and learn from other world-leading experts and help develop a best-in-class supply chain for the biopharmaceutical industry, then contact Ciera Clayton on

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