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Digital Technology Roadmap

This paper outlines the foundational element that chart the course for pharmaceutical manufacturers who decide to take this journey and provides a vision of what that destination could look like in 10 years’ time. It outlines the current state of the industry, key challenges and barriers to adoption, and hints at the value that taking this journey will bring to patients, organizations and industry. This paper (which forms Part 1 of the Digital Technology Roadmap) looks at the problem statement and the work that has gone before.

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MES of the future manifesto

The purpose of the MES of the future manifesto is a call to action from the biomanufacturing industry to vendors of MES solutions. The manifesto articulates: the gap between the current generation of MES solutions and the needs of the biomanufacturing industry and a realistic and achievable vision for the MES of the future that will meet the needs of the biomanufacturing plants of the future. It is intended to stimulate collaboration between biomanufacturers and vendors of MES solutions that will outline roadmaps for future development.

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