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Ultra high concentration formulation

This member only survey covers the challenges of working with ultra-high concentration formulations, including; low dose volume products, viscosity aspects related to manufacturing and delivery, manufacturing and filling, automated screening, analytical challenges, osmolality considerations (hyper and hypo), syringeability, acceptable injection forces.

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“High-risk” host cell proteins (HCPs): A multi-company collaborative view

This database and paper provide a comprehensive review and list of potential problematic HCPs that could impact the safety, efficacy, and quality aspects of CHO-produced biologics during their development and manufacturing. They provide a reference on the best practice and control strategy for “high-risk” HCPs” in the biopharmaceutical industry.

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Formulation: An intercompany perspective on biopharmaceutical drug product robustness studies

To gain a better understanding of current industry approaches for establishing biopharmaceutical drug product (DP) robustness, the BPDG-Formulation Workstream conducted an intercompany collaboration exercise, which included a benchmarking survey and extensive group discussions around the scope, design, and execution of robustness studies. The results of this industry collaboration revealed several key common themes: (1) overall DP robustness is defined by both the formulation and the manufacturing process robustness; (2) robustness integrates the principles of quality by design (QbD); (3) DP robustness is an important factor in setting critical quality attribute control strategies and commercial specifications; (4) most companies employ robustness studies, along with prior knowledge, risk assessments, and statistics, to develop the DP design space; (5) studies are tailored to commercial development needs and the practices of each company. Three case studies further illustrate how a robustness study design for a biopharmaceutical DP balances experimental complexity, statistical power, scientific understanding, and risk assessment to provide the desired product and process knowledge. The team discusses identified industry challenges with regard to biopharmaceutical DP robustness and presents some recommendations for best practices.

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