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Discussion on plasmids to establish release specifications using a risk-based approach to manage supply

This paper shares industry feedback after the publication of two BioPhorum papers that complement ongoing efforts in the wider CGT field. It supplements these publications by delving into identity testing and cross-contamination for plasmid master cell banks and plasmid DNA, and other plasmid DNA release tests (including DNA homogeneity, residual DNA and host RNA, and sterility or bioburden).

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Raw materials: Cell and gene therapy critical starting material: a discussion to help establish release specifications for plasmids and the bacterial master cell banks used to produce them

BioPhorum Cell and Gene Therapy is asking for your help – and is giving you the opportunity to have a say in a scientific community discussion that will influence its suggested testing practices for plasmid release specifications. The team is proposing a platform framework for testing plasmid master cell banks and plasmid DNA. 

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