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What is changing in China CMC regulatory?

BioPhorum’s Post-Approval Strategy Team has produced a poster titled What is changing in China CMC Regulatory? It refers to a wide range of changes in areas such as pharmacopeia, e.g., more convergent monographs in CHP 2020 than any other version of the Chinese Pharmacopeia. It also talks about changes in submissions, including excipients and primary packaging materials need to be registered on the Chinese Drug Master File platform before use in products. It can be used by BioPhorum member organizations, displayed in a CMC regulatory office, used at CMC meetings, and shared with colleagues outside the regulatory function.

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Implementation of Article 117 of European Union Medical Devices Regulation (EU MDR) General Safety and Performance Requirements: a position paper

The EU MDR Article 117 became legally binding and mandatory in May 2021, but there is no clear industry consensus regarding its application to integral drug delivery devices. The regulation is particularly unclear in the case of a device constituent part being classified as an invasive device, and whether all drug product contacting components must conform to the requirements for invasive components. There are also ambiguities regarding requirements such as notified body opinion and human factor study requirements. This paper presents an industry position statement and illustrates the concerns.

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Industry feedback on ICH Q12: implementation considerations for FDA-regulated products

The aim of ICH Q12 is clearly stated as a framework to facilitate the management of post-approval CMC changes. This document in the industry response to an agency consultation on draft guidance on ICH Q12. The biopharmaceutical industry through these comments commends the agency on leading the way to the implementation of ICH Q12. The BioPhorum comments are heavily influenced by the principle of simplification, which is why our views sometimes differ from the draft guideline.

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