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Smart maintenance: digital evolution for biopharmaceutical manufacturing

The pressures to achieve more with less in the world of equipment and facilities maintenance has always been there, but what part can smart maintenance and the use of digital technologies do for us? What would an investment deliver in terms of lower costs and improved asset utilisation? This paper defines what ‘smart maintenance’ means to the biopharma industry and how to measure its maturity. It showcases a tool to assess ways of working and level of digital maturity, by mapping to BioPhorum’s ‘Digital Plant Maturity Model’. It will help you and your organisation make the case for investment and justify adopting higher levels of maintenance practice, better framing the contribution of maintenance with digital maturity transition – where to build and with which capabilities. The paper articulates the value and benefits of achieving the higher digital maturity levels for smart maintenance, such as improved asset utilization and management, cost reduction and elimination of unplanned activities. The paper includes a discussion on ‘next-generation’ analytics, describing how current and future analytics packages can integrate with data solutions and the benefits they can bring to the smart maintenance approach.

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Biomanufacturing technology roadmap: 4. Automated facility

This chapter of the first edition biomanufacturing technology roadmap published in 2017, describes the vision, scope and benefits that could be gained in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry from the development and implementation of effective automated facilities. To help the industry achieve this future state it describes the scenarios considered, the future needs, challenges and potential solutions as well as the linkages and dependencies on other parts of the roadmap. It considers the contribution that disruptive and emerging technologies can play and regulatory considerations before finalizing with conclusions and recommendations.

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Digital plant maturity model (DPMM) v1: The development of a digital plant maturity model to aid transformation in biopharmaceutical manufacturing

Biopharmaceutical industry challenges and opportunities provided the impetus for a team of subject-matter experts to develop a biomanufacturing digital vision and a digital plant maturity model (DPMM). The white paper describes the stages of maturity from simple paper-based plants through to the fully automated and integrated ‘adaptive plant’ of the future. The business and enabling capability dimensions in the maturity model are also explained. Moreover, the paper describes the benefits of applying the DPMM such as enabling an organization to evaluate the state of its technology at all manufacturing sites, those within a network or at specific ‘sister’ sites. This evaluation can provide either a global roadmap spanning all manufacturing sites (e.g. a common gap for all IT) or a roadmap for specific sites.

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