supply chain mapping

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Supply chain quality management optimal process and RACI

These tools support sharing the optimal high-level steps to simplify a process and invite people into the discussion using a common language. The optimal process outlines the essential process steps and for each one lists the ‘who’ (i.e., which role) and the ‘how’ (i.e., what medium). The RACI supports people to understand where accountabilities and responsibilities lie.

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Supply chain mapping: A best practice for the biopharma industry

The complexity of the support networks needed to deliver biopharma products, makes good supply chain mapping (SCM) essential to ensure reliable drug product supply.  This is especially the case given the impact that natural disasters, adverse weather and politics can have on supply chain security.

This guide from the Supply Chain Mapping workstream can be tailored to the needs of both suppliers and manufacturers and helps them map and master supply chain risk.  The guide details reasons why companies should adopt the approach, an implementation model, a standardized questionnaire to collate and manage basic supplier data and a maturity model against which a company can assess its own level of supply chain mapping and understanding.

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