Technology Roadmapping

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Automation and the road to lights-out manufacture in biopharmaceuticals

Over the last year, BioPhorum’s Technology Roadmapping (TRM) Robotics group has developed a high-level roadmap to lights-out manufacture, with special consideration given to the contributors holding back the lights-out manufacture of biopharmaceuticals. The roadmap lays out the associated steps from lights-out automation of packaging and material transport to achieving a full lights-out cell therapy facility over the next decade. In our goal of...

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BioPhorum Technology Roadmapping roadmap vision 2.0

BioPhorum Technology Roadmapping roadmap vision 2.0 looks back on the last five years of the roadmap journey, reflects on how far we have come, and repositions the phorum vision and objectives for the next ten-year phase. The vision and supporting commentary communicate the high-level business drivers that underpin the map: patients, products, the pace of change, and performance. It also covers the scenarios and industry capabilities that will be required to meet these challenges, described as outcomes rather than solutions. Our mission is to create one voice for the biomanufacturing industry to articulate solutions and accelerate their adoption.

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