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Industry feedback on USP bioreactivity draft monographs

This BioPhorum paper contains feedback on the USP bioreactivity monographs to plastics used for manufacturing, and the use of resources. It also comments on the potential in vitro tests that should be included, the removal of the implantation test and safety, the removal of Class I to VI, and the topics for omission or inclusion into the <1031> chapter outline. The expert feedback provided in these documents aims to support the USP and, ultimately, produce documents that improve patient safety – but with adequate use of finite analytical resources, which would not be the case with divergent expectations.

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Industry feedback on the bacterial endotoxin test (BET)

This paper contains feedback on the USP document Bacterial Endotoxin Test (BET): A USP Comparability Study of Recombinant Reagents (Recombinant Factor C and Recombinant Cascade) to Lysate Reagents (LAL). The paper comments on issues such as the feasibility of testing the recommended matrix using four different recombinant reagents and four different lysate reagents, and that water post-deionization (low-purity) but before distillation/ultra-filtration (high-purity) is not representative of samples typically tested for bacterial endotoxins. It also questions whether industry will be able to provide known contaminated samples as these would be difficult to obtain and then compare.

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