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Risk-based strategies to support revalidation and the assessment of requirements to maintain the validated state of equipment, process and facilities used for commercial and clinical manufacturing

This paper describes risk-based alternative strategies for defending the suitability of equipment and facilities requiring revalidation. These robust and risk-assessed approaches include real-time review, routine monitoring and in-/at-line alarms and measurements to help identify what data and testing are critical to assure the continued validated state of the equipment.

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Cell and gene therapy validation challenges

This paper highlights the numerous challenges in validating cell and gene therapy (CGT), drug substance (DS) and drug product (DP) manufacturing processes and analytical methods. It showcases some of the challenges associated with validation of viral vector-mediated gene therapy and gene-modified cellular therapy manufacturing processes and analytical methods validation and offers potential solutions for these. It aims to make readers more aware of the complexity and challenges associated with validating CGT products and the industry-wide consensus in addressing some of these to help drive regulatory acceptance.

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