Big Data to Smart Data

The data required to improve process performance and make better manufacturing operational decisions exists today, but in far too many cases it is scattered across multiple systems and exists in a wide variety of formats rendering it difficult if not close to impossible to assemble into context for evaluation, reporting and decision support.  In too many facilities production, operations and quality management personnel spend the majority of their time gathering and contextualizing data rather than using consolidated data in context to imnorm the improvement process.
The Big Data to Smart Data team are building on the opportunities first highlighted in the Automated Facilities Roadmap by developing an industry standard taxonomy / indexing approach for data sources, and proposing an architectural solution to add context to data when first created.  Delivering direct benefits by reducing investigation and analysis timelines.
Members of Technology Roadmapping can access an overview to this work from a recent team face to face meeting by clicking the box opposite, This includes plans for an ambitious bioreactor based proof of concept, in conjunction with BTEC, North Carolina. The proof of concept will generate real data to inform industry ontology development and good practices.

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