Cyber security: Digital plant resilience assessment tool

As the maturity of digital manufacturing plants increases, so does the risk of a cybersecurity or other digital incident. A successful phishing attack, for example, could adversely impact manufacturing operations and potentially take a facility offline for hours, days or even longer.  A company's ability to minimize the risk of a digital disaster in its manufacturing plants, and quickly restore operations if one occurs, is a vital area for investment to ensure delivery of drug products to patients. To do this, biopharmaceutical manufacturers must understand the cyber resilience at their differing plants and how each site fits into the context of their overall business.

The digital plant resilience assessment tool empowers companies to better analyze the resilience of their manufacturing operations. It allows a company to measure its manufacturing facilities against a range of key areas, thereby enabling assessment of the cyber resilience at each plant, development of resilience objectives, investment prioritization and ongoing strategic planning.

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