Biomanufacturing technology roadmap: 1. Executive summary

Current trends in the biopharmaceutical industry, continued market growth, new product groups, cost pressures and the trend towards localized manufacturing exert unprecedented pressure on biomanufacturers to innovate biomanufacturing platforms. To accelerate the industry’s journey, a technology roadmapping process has been established to determine common biomanufacturer needs and to share them openly with supply partners, academics, regulators and government agencies so that directions can be aligned and collaboration enabled.

The first edition BIomanufacturing Technology roadmap, published in 2017 is an initial step, setting a broad vision for the future of biomanufacturing and designed to catalyze industry action.

This executive summary brings together the conclusion and recommendations of each part of the roadmap:

  • Overview
  • Process technologies
  • Automated facility
  • Modular and mobile
  • In-line monitoring and real-time release
  • Knowledge management
  • Supply partner management

and details the overarching next steps for the industry and this collaboration.

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