Forecast and demand planning optimal process tools

These deliverables support the forecast and demand planning process and complement the FDP Toolkit:

  • An optimal process – the team reviewed and defined what the highest-level optimal process should be. Then, using a concept board, it broke out the ‘process step’, the ‘who’ (which role), and the ‘how’ (which medium)
  • A RACI responsibility assignment matrix – once the team had broken down the process, it created an explanation against each step, including the ‘typical roles’ involved. Each company may have different terminology for the roles, so the team developed a RACI (Responsible, Accounted, Consulted, and Informed) matrix and some definitions/explanations of the roles. This is supported by a RACI template that can be used for any process.
  • A Storyboard – this highlights examples of situations that may evolve into issues simply because we have internalized how we manage our process. Instead, we need to have a transparent and partnering mindset and be willing to discuss potential risk areas before they might become a problem.

These areas are where there is potential for the greatest benefit and are why, used correctly, these new deliverables will create so much value for industry.

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Forecast and demand planning storyboard May 2022.pdf
Forecast and demand planning RACI template May 2022.pptx
Forecast and demand planning RACI May 2022.pdf
Forecast and demand planning process map explained May 2022.pdf
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