Human performance: HuP Members Toolkit

This members only toolkit provides all the guidance, tools, assessments and case studies from across the industry to enable a site or biopharma corporation to implement the best human performance best practices.

Developed through the collaboration of more than 20 corporations, the efforts of innumerable practitioners, over more that six years.  This body of work, that grew from benchmarking established practices in the nuclear and aerospace industries, covers:-

  • Implementation roadmap
  • Human performance assessment tool, facilitation guide and results
  • Practitioner qualification guide
  • 'Family 2' metrics
  • Company case studies
  • External benchmarks
  • Causal factors
  • Leadership observation and coaching
  • Open reporting
  • Investigation improvement
  • Practitioner guides

Going deeper and wider then published guides.  This material has enabled member companies to realise reductions in deviations, growth in real capacity and reductions in lead-times from improve right first time rates in operations.

This set of documents is reserved for the use of BioPhorum Members

This document is reserved for the use of BioPhorum members only.

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