Current and near-future bioprocess supply situation and trends post COVID-19

This paper provides an overview of the current and near-future bioprocess supply situation and trends. Prior to COVID-19 the bioprocess supply industry was growing at 12-14%. While some supply segments, such as single-use systems (SUS), have been growing faster than this average, overall, the bioprocessing industry pipeline continues to generate very strong demand for supplies and consumables for both COVID and non-COVID vaccines and therapies. However, recent order declines seen by suppliers have created concern. Challenges during the Pandemic created supply chain problems for biologics manufacturing that remain unresolved.

This research provides insights into how the industry has adjusted as the Pandemic begins to abate. A factor in the recent downward trend in orders of consumables involves new competitors taking partial orders from established suppliers. This is occurring because end users are working to avoid availability and lead-time problems. End users are also exploring multi-sourcing vendor options, improving their production efficiencies, and evaluating alternate materials. Some suppliers may not recognize the significance of the changes in the market or may be down-playing the competitive challenges in the future. Forecasting these trends is important for both suppliers and end users who need to develop supply chain and procurement strategies.

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