ISPE virtual seminar NIIMBL-BioPhorum Buffer Stock Blending System presentation

Kevin Gibson originally presented this paper at an ISPE Ireland Affiliate Young Professionals virtual seminar focusing on Bio Process Controls in the Life Sciences Industry in November 2020.

“Buffers are critical inputs into all downstream bioprocessing steps for the manufacture of therapeutic proteins and other biomolecules," said Kevin "The large volumes of buffer required present ongoing logistical challenges and represent a significant portion of facility footprint, labour requirements and equipment costs".

The collaboration between NIIMBL, BioPhorum and various industrial partners has designed and built a prototype for a Buffer Stock Blending (BSB) Skid which will facilitate the preparation of buffers inline, on demand from concentrated single component stock solutions.

Kevin provided an overview of the Buffer Stock Blending system. This will be capable of supplying, in an automated manner, all buffers required for typical purification processes at a quality that is acceptable and equivalent to traditional batch buffer preparation. He  also gives an insight into the economic benefits of the technology adoption for both intermediate and large scale manufacturing facilities.

In the presentation he covers:

  • The Buffer management problem
  • NIIMBL - BioPhorum collaboration
  • NIIMBL - BioPhorum buffer stock blending skid
  • Impact on facility design and operation

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