Long range planning - the final frontier, the audacious goal

Biomanufacturers are in a unique and difficult position as they need highly specific critical raw materials, in comparatively small quantities, for life-saving therapies. 


However, there is no industry consensus on a strategic view of how the supply chain and demand will evolve in the next five years or more. This poses a significant risk to patients and healthcare providers, e.g., through drug shortages and price increases.  


This paper summarizes the industry position and aims to start a strategic discussion on this situation. It will help ensure we have a common language and understanding across industry. Looking ahead, we will emphasize shared learning, best practices, and retrospective investigations to improve long-range planning processes. 


Call to action 

To do all of this, we are expanding our team to include those with knowledge of long-range planning processes. Are you involved in strategic network planning, strategic development (supply and demand), supply chain strategic planning, sourcing or procurement? Then the Long-Range Planning Workstream could be for you. 

If you want to share your knowledge and learn from other world-leading experts and help develop a best-in-class supply chain for the biopharmaceutical industry, then contact Ciera Clayton on ciera.clayton@biophorum.com 

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