Technology Roadmapping: Manufacturing technology roadmap tool

The biopharmaceutical industry challenges defined in the First edition Biomanufacturing technology roadmap are to:
• Increase speed
• Improve flexibility
• Reduce manufacturing cost
• Increase quality.

Biopharm Services has supported BioPhorum by modelling manufacturing options to identify the cost drivers and potential of technology options to meet these challenges. BioPhorum and Biopharm Services want to give access to the models and assumptions that were used to generate the results shown in the First edition Biomanufacturing technology roadmap

From the Manufacturing technology roadmap tool, users can:
• View detailed outputs for baseline scenarios
• Interrogate and compare the options
• Access a set of benchmark baseline processes that represent an industry consensus for the first time

Quantitative computational models provide valuable insight in estimating the value of a technology or process innovation that would otherwise be difficult to predict: the BioSolve tool was used to model the biopharmaceutical manufacturing scenarios. A consensus was agreed for the current state of the manufacturing for the following scenarios (baseline):

1. Large scale stainless steel (SS) fed batch
2. Intermediate scale single‐use (SU) perfusion

For those individuals and organizations that don’t use BioSolve we are making a database of results and key assumptions available as a Manufacturing technology roadmap tool. For those that have access to the BioSolve process modelling platform the actual batch SU and SS models are now available as downloads from BioSolve Central.

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