New Technology Adoption

The Best Practice in Adoption of New Technologies workstream was formed in late 2019, and is seeking to deliver on a best practice framework for adoption of technologies into manufacturing environments. The biopharmaceutical industry is risk-averse when considering adoption of new technologies onto production lines. Key contributors to this have been identified as including:
  • a need for improvement in business case assessment,
  • a need for better alignment of stakeholders throughout the technology adoption process, both within organisations  (Business vs. R&D vs. Operations) and across multiple organizations, and
  • a perception that working with regulatory agencies can be challenging.

The team have shared case studies on technology governance process and practice and are now working to create a collaborative best practice playbook for biomanufacturing This playbook will provide cross-industry guidance on stakeholder engagement and risk management, and best practice in building of technology business cases across multiple functions. The guidance will be able to be applied both within an organization, and collaboratively, enabling acceleration of new technology adoption across the industry.


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This document is reserved for the use of BioPhorum members only.

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