Robotics: Opportunities for modern robotics in biologics manufacturing

Robotic systems first started making inroads in the biopharmaceutical industry through the implementation of high-throughput automated systems for drug discovery and analytical assays. Robotic systems now are making inroads in process development with the introduction of ambr and Tecan systems. In the next few years, our industry is likely to see more applications of robotic systems, particularly mobile and collaborative robots in warehouse and production floors of biomanufacturing facilities.

This paper introduces potential applications for robotics in biomanufacturing, outlines the current availability of robotic systems, and calls robotics suppliers to adapt existing systems or develop new solutions for the biomanufacturing industry. It also highlights key challenges to the adoption of mobile robotics in manufacturing with the aim of getting the industry to start to address them

This deliverable has been published via the BioProcess International website.

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