Plug-and-play computerized systems validation strategy

The Plug-and-play computerized systems validation strategy is a guidance document aimed at maximizing the benefits of adopting the BioPhorum approach to interoperable, modular equipment assemblies (commonly referred to as ‘skids’). The approach is based on NAMUR´s Module Type Package (MTP) standard1
and a series of interface specifications which the BioPhorum Plug and Play team is creating. The document provides guidance for end-users and suppliers of process orchestration layers (POLs) and process equipment assemblies (PEAs), so they can successfully demonstrate that their equipment complies with the interface specifications created by the BioPhorum Plug and Play team. The user can then realise the benefits of using the plug-and-play interface specifications as outlined in a previous plug and-play publication.

While this document has been extensively discussed and developed in a collaborative partnership between end-users and suppliers, it should still be regarded as a draft for comment. A final version is likely to be submitted to a standards body in the future.

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