QC best practice: QC Labs best practice navigator

QC labs in biomanufacturing facilities are complex high throughput operations, that the manufacturing facility is totally dependant on for analysis and release of batches.  In many ways QC labs and their support services are more like conventional 'factories' than the operations that they support in terms of processing volumes flows and human interventions.  As such an optimized stable and effective lab operation can only really be achieve with the application of appropriate manufacturing best practices practices. But once developed it will deliver significant improvements for the entire manufacturing operation.

This 'Members Only' navigation tool guides you to a comprehensive range of operational best practices that have been proven and validated in the industry to deliver highly lean and effective QC lab operations.  Specifically the navigator takes you to materials to help you:

  • Manage and improve lab capacity
  • Schedule and visually manage flows
  • Establish standard working to increase productivity and reduce lead-time
  • Set up KPIs to manage the lab
  • Apply group and cell design to simplify flow and increase physical capacity
  • Develop the team and enhance skills and flexibility
  • Reduce testing and sampling in a sustainable way
  • Drive raw material harmonization to reduce testing and improve compliance


This document is reserved for the use of BioPhorum Members only

This document is reserved for the use of BioPhorum members only.

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