Supply chain quality management optimal process and RACI

The Supply Chain Quality Management Workstream was established to help manufacturers and suppliers achieve a more consistent, confident and accurate approach. Its recent work includes:


1. An optimal process

This will help users understand the supply chain quality management process at the highest level and will be useful for those not deeply involved in the process or new to its requirements.

It outlines the essential process steps and for each one lists the ‘who’ (i.e., which role) and the ‘how’ (i.e., what medium). It recognizes that we all follow similar steps but may describe them differently. It offers a standardized view of the process to create clear visibility from the highest to the more detailed levels.


2. A RACI responsibility assignment matrix

It is important to identify where accountabilities and responsibilities lie, so we have put an explanation against each step, including the ‘typical roles’ involved. Knowing that each company may use different terminology for each role, we developed a RACI (Responsible, Accounted, Consulted, and Informed) matrix.

This will help identify the key part that each role plays, reduce confusion, and create a clear understanding of key decision-makers in each part of the process. There is also a RACI Template that can be used for any process.


These projects show that sharing the high-level steps can simplify a process and ‘invite’ people into the discussion using a common language. These conversations are where there is potential for the greatest benefit of harmonization.

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